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Corky Riddle

Corky has been in the business for 34 years and a salon owner for 29. He is the co-owner of Salon Distinctions, Inc. with wife, Tammy. Corky's passion is integrity, guiding his clients to the products and services that will create their desired look and keep their hair healthy and beautiful. His many experiences in the business has made him a subject expert in product chemistry and given him the opportunity to hone his technical skills to perfection. He also has a passion to pass this knowledge on to those that work in his salon.

Consulting, haircutting, advanced chemical services such as color, foils and perms.

Corky's ServicesPrice
Women's Haircut$50
Men's Haircut$35-$40
Long Hair Foil$150+
Foil Only$100+
Deep Condition$20


Corky Riddle
Stylist, Colorist, Industry Consultant,
Product Specialist, Salon Owner

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Corky's strong personal passion for the beauty industry and focused ambitions have already brought him great success as a salon owner, distributor, hair product formulator and product consultant to manufacturers, and independent hairstylist. Originally a native of Hollywood, California, he has been actively working in the beauty industry in Minnesota for 32 years as a consultant, hairstylist and chemical service expert, (27 years of which as a Salon owner in the south metro area). He owned and operated C.C. Riddle Hair Co. from 1981 to 1998, which was sold as a result of a divorce. Since 2002 he has owned and operated Salon Distinctions, Inc. with his current wife Tammy Riddle.

At the Salon, Corky specializes in haircutting and advanced chemical services, (hair coloring, etc), tailored for an individual's specific needs. His association with cosmetic chemists and industry educators has given him an "edge" with the work he performs behind the chair.

"Throughout the years I've developed fast, efficient systems that allow me to service my clients with extreme accuracy, giving my clients what they need or want with minimal negative impact on the integrity of their hair. If a client's hair can't handle a scheduled chemical service, I wont do it. I'd rather "coach" a client on what they can do in the meantime until future services can be done with little or no impact on the condition of their hair. Most manufacturers teach stylists little or no hair or product chemistry. They simply want you to use their product, as much and as often as you can. The distinctions I make with hair and product chemistry wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the technical influence of my family, industry friends, cosmetic chemists, and industry insiders."

Corky's family influence:

Corky hails from a family of successful stylists, educators, and hair product innovators.

Virginia Grobeson, Corky's birth mother, was a stylist and educator for 48 years. She was an accomplished platform "show artist" and won many hairstyling competitions. Later she did hair for the "Hollywood Entertainment Industry" doing hair for both movies and television shows and series. Among her many accomplishments and awards were 9 Emmy Award nominations for "outstanding hairstyling in a television series" from which she won 3! Having won 3 Emmy Awards certainly is a testament to her talent which she has tried to pass on to Corky over the years.

Father, Duke Riddle, was a 31 year veteran cosmetic chemist and hair product formulator. He ran test salons and product training centers starting with Clairol in 1956 ending his career at La Maur, Inc. in 1987. He was noted as a hair color and permanent wave expert who was often published. Among his many milestones included helping formulate the first "Miss Clairol" hair color, inventing hair color "fillers", and contributing to the development of the first "neutral" perm, (Bone Marrow), and "acid wave", (Apple Pectin). His name has appeared on many company patents over the years as a result of his contributions.

Stepmother, Colleen Riddle, was a stylist for 27 years and helped manage and run the test salon and training center for La Maur, Inc. Stylists from around the world would come to the facility for training. Her greatest influence on Corky was her incredible "technical" skills which she shared. Brother, Duke Riddle Jr., spent more than 20 years as a product consultant and later operated a successful salon in Nashville, TN until he was forced to retire due to a spinal injury.